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We work with you to create a personal well-being plan that is a combination of medical care, physical aesthetics, counselling, nutrition and supplementation, meditations & Reiki and other forms of healing. Treatment plans are designed with a combination of the below mentioned therapies.

Medical Consulting

At Accensione, we address your general medicine needs and concerns, including prescription medicines as per diagnosis. This includes guidance for investigative procedures ( blood test, X-Ray,etc) as well as treatment for common symptoms.

Skin & Hair Consulting

Our signature treatments include Seyo and Stem-Cell Therapy. Seyo is pure oxygen therapy which regenerates the skin from within and skin regains its natural firmness. Stem-Cell Therapy is used for hair fall prevention and re-growth. Our treatments include state of the art laser equipment for skin and hair treatments for wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, hair removal, etc. We also provide anti-aging & smile corrective treatments through Botox and dermal filler injectibles.

Nutrition & Supplements

We help you design a healthy nourished lifestyle by providing Nutrition guidance to customize your diet-chart and prescribing vitamins and other supplements as needed.

Energy Healing

Apart from the in-house medical consulting facility and treatments, we offer energy healing therapies that relax body and mind to balance the natural life-force energy and bring in well-being. Dr. Shirina Kapoor, an accomplished medical doctor, is a certified Reiki master and offers Reiki healing sessions to clients as per requirement and diagnosis. Accensione is equipped with necessary infrastructure for us to host workshops and talks that promote healing and overall health. The range of wellness programs that we host and conduct include Stress Management, Mindfulness, Reiki Seminars, Meditations, Therapies involving the arts, and the like.


Do you find it difficult to make decisions on a day to day basis? Are you facing challenges in handling your relationships? Putting these and similar seemingly minor challenges behind may result in a pattern where it becomes difficult to deal with the issue. We believe that sharing innermost thoughts and feelings helps individuals understand themselves better and address emotions in a more adaptive manner. We therefore, extend Individual counselling support that involves working with the individual on a one-on-one basis in order to address his or her needs and difficulties.

Ignite Your Soul

Accensione is an integrative medicine centre, based in Mumbai. Integrative medicine is a practice of medicine that focuses on the whole person and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches to achieve optimal health and healing.



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Ashiyana works as catalysts that connect resources to the needs of the existing system, to transform the lives of the children.

Angel Express

Angel Xpress Foundation is a Mumbai-based NGO working to transform the lives of underprivileged children through regular access to educated adults.

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