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A 7-Day Retreat For Your Body, Mind & Soul
July 14th to 21st 2017
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Atmantan is an exquisite resort situated in the pristine Sahyadri Range. It's serene ambience is in perfect alignment with our retreat as it allows for flow of positive energy and peace. Sprawling across 40 acres of bountiful land, Atmantan is surrounded by breathtaking magnificent Mulshi Lake. The Spectacular view, the fresh air and the lush greenery entice you tAo become one with nature.

With splendid facilities and a nurturing staff dedicated to your wellness, Atmantan is handpicked for the perfect AumEk experience.

Teressa Siu


Founder - LotusLifeTV, Hong Kong/Asia

  • International Wellness Speaker
  • Certified Yoga Teacher/Raw Foods Chef
  • Integrative Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach
  • Media Health Advocate/Educator
  • Award-Winning TV Journalist/TV Host
Teressa Siu

Shirina Kapoor

Founder - Accensione, Mumbai/Asia

  • Certified Medical Practitioner
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Integrative & Alternative Therapist
  • Wellness & Nutrition Consultant
  • Lifestyle Educator

In a Week

You learn the art of converting a seemingly cluttered, chaotic and endless day into a calm, joyous and peaceful experience through colour therapy, nutritious foods and more.

7 days of..

  • Peace
  • Solace
  • Joy
  • Reflection
  • Self-Love